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WARNING:  There is a scam going on where people from overseas are contacting landlords to rent.  They send you a bank cheque and then ask you to send money back to them.  DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TO THEM.

View accommodations in the area that have been posted with the Students' Association. Be sure to check out how close the accommodation is to the College through Map Quest. Please note that Algonquin College is located near the corner of Woodroffe Ave. and Baseline Rd.

The Students' Association does not inspect the listed units and therefore cannot make any recommendations regarding your choice of accommodation. We would, however, appreciate hearing of any unsatisfactory experiences you may have had.

Begin your Student Housing Search Now!

Tips to help you with your housing search

  • Start your housing search early in the summer.
  • If you are from outside Ottawa, we recommend making arrangements to spend a few days in the city while looking for accommodation.
  • Try to find housing in the West end of Ottawa, close to the College or along the main transit bus route #95.
  • If you find a place where you need to take the bus, be sure to check out the bus route and how frequently it runs.
  • Find out if the dwelling is close to all amenities.
  • Remember to ask the landlord some important questions such as: 
    • How much is rent? When is it due? Are utilities, parking and cable included?
    • Is a deposit required? Be aware that the only allowable deposit to secure a rental unit is a payment not exceeding one month's rent, which must be applied to the last month of tenancy. The landlord must pay interest at an annual rate of 3.1% on this deposit. Additional deposits, including pre-payment of first month's rent, 'key deposit', etc. are not permitted.
    • Always request a receipt for any cash transaction. If a landlord agrees to repairs, paying utilities/parking, have him/her put it in writing.
    • What are the rules regarding subletting?
    • Is there a lock on your door? Who has access to keys?
    • Is it possible/necessary to install an additional phone line or cable line?
    • Are there proper exits in case of fire, and are they clearly marked? Is there a smoke detector(s) in the dwelling?
    • Is the water pressure and hot water sufficient? Try all faucets including shower, toilets, etc. (Check the size of the hot water tank)
    • Is there proper lighting and ventilation? Are there ceiling fixtures, or do you have to provide lamps?
    • Are there storm windows? Do windows open and close properly? (If paying for heating, poor installation can make heating costly - electric heat is the most expensive).
    • Where is the temperature control? Is it accessible?
    • Is the dwelling clean? Pest free? Is the landlord cleaning/painting the dwelling before you move in? Will you be permitted to paint and will you be compensated for any expenses?
    • Do all of the appliances work? Try them!
    • If possible, try visiting the neighbourhood or building at night. Is it safe and quiet?
    • Finally…look the place over. Is it a place you would like to call home for the next year?

When developing your budget for the year, here are some approximate costs for you to consider:

  • Utilities: Heat $50 approx.
  • Hydro: $50 approx.
  • Cell Phone Plan:  - $70 approx. (depends on which company you're with)
  • Installation of jack - $86 per jack
  • Monthly fees - $29 - $42
  • Cable: Installation - $25 - $65 approx.
  • Monthly charges - $35 approx.
  • Food: $200 - $250 per month
  • Household Supplies: $30 - $40 per month
  • Entertainment: Depending on lifestyle, it may cost around $50 per week
  • Transportation: College Parking fees - start at $433 per year
  • Student Bus Pass (Age 13 - 19) - $78.75 per month (initial photo ID $6.25)
  • Adult Bus Pass - $98.75 per month (initial photo ID $8.50)
  • Presto Pass - $2.72 per ride
  • Tenant Insurance: $230 per year approx. (Highly recommended)

Problems with a landlord?

Landlord and Tenant Board
255 Albert Street, 4th floor
Ottawa, ON K1P 6A9
Tel: 1-888-332-3234
Ontario Tenant Rights -

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